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2017 Market Review & Outlook

Jason Jackman, President and Chief Investment Officer of Johnson Investment Counsel is joined by a panel of colleagues to discuss the projected outlook for both the economy and the market in 2017.

2017 Market Review & Outlook Event – Full Audio

2017 Economic & Market Outlook

  • Brandon A. Zureick, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Strategist
  • Dale H. Coates, CFA, Vice President & Portfolio Manager
  • Charles E. Rinehart, CFA, CAIA, Portfolio Manager
  • Chad R. Maggard, CFA, Portfolio Manager

2017 Q&A Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Jason O. Jackman, CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer

2017 Johnson Trust Company: Estate Planning Panel Discussion

  • Michael D. Barnes, Esq., CTFA, President
  • J. Christine Warren, Esq., Trust Counsel
  • Tara N. Adams, CTFA, Senior Trust Officer

Market Review and Outlook Presentation

Strategic Focus - 2017 Edition

Strategic Focus is a proprietary research piece from Johnson Investment Counsel that outlines our thoughts on the economy and financial markets, and how we construct portfolios to meet an investor’s needs.


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