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Institutional Management

Rather than confining clients to “one-size-fits-all” investment models, our team develops customized solutions for the unique challenges faced by institutions.
At Johnson Investment Counsel, our portfolio managers use their experience of institutional knowledge to successfully implement investment plans for our clients.

A Disciplined Approach to Institutional Asset Management

At Johnson Institutional Management, we formulate investment strategy and portfolio management in a team setting, building on the rich experience of our people and our academic heritage. We promote a consistent and disciplined portfolio construction process within each of our strategies by combining the expertise of Portfolio Managers with a team of dedicated research analysts.

Our investment process is sophisticated, yet logical and understandable, blending together the art and science of portfolio management. Our Portfolio Managers work closely with each client to understand and establish an appropriate investment plan to meet the specific goals of the organization. This includes ongoing review of investment and spending policies, sophisticated investment management, and tactical asset allocation, all customized to the unique needs of the client.

Institutional Asset Management: Continuity Counts

Our Portfolio Managers have a lengthy history with us and possess a rich knowledge that spans decades. Our high employee retention means that our Portfolio Managers provide continuity of institutional knowledge even as board members come and go. This can be a critical factor in the successful implementation of a custom-tailored investment plan that meets the ongoing needs of an organization. Our skilled Portfolio Managers have deep experience advising corporate, public, endowment/foundation, and Taft-Hartley clients. They regard institutions not just as clients, but also as valued partners.

Our Institutional Investment Management Solutions

Services offered include: Investment Policy Consultation, Fixed Income Asset Management, Equity Asset Management, Customized Solutions, and Asset Allocation.

Johnson Institutional Management provides your organization with the portfolio management resources you need to feel confident about tomorrow. We review your finances and create a plan that aligns your current needs with your future goals. If you have questions or want to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us.

Customized Solutions

By taking an academic mindset, our Portfolio Managers educate clients on how the markets can best work for them to achieve investment goals. We do not sell products, but offer solutions, and thus, regularly deliver investment results that surpass expectations. These results are attained through a focus on the high-quality sectors of the capital markets and within the context of risk management. We find no need to “stretch” into volatile sectors to achieve results.

Resolute Focus on Institutional Investment Management

While working with institutions has always been an integral part of our firm, Johnson Institutional Management was formally launched with the sole purpose of serving institutional clients — a committed effort to meet the unique investment and service needs of institutional investors.