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Charitable Gift Fund

We facilitate entrepreneurial giving by donors in flexible and meaningful ways through our Johnson Charitable Gift Fund, which is qualified to receive tax-deductible charitable gifts.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

The Johnson Charitable Gift Fund is a public charity qualified by the IRS to receive tax-deductible charitable gifts. The Gift Fund is sponsored by Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc., which provides administrative and operational support, as well as investment management of Gift Fund assets.

The core purpose of the Gift Fund is to facilitate entrepreneurial charitable giving in flexible and meaningful ways by administering Donor-Advised Accounts and Endowment Funds. We also assist donors and their families in developing and implementing family philanthropy plans; these plans guide multi-generational charitable giving and focus on clear purposes and measured results.

Donor-Advised Accounts: Sophisticated Solutions for Charitable Giving

A Donor-Advised Account is a flexible, sophisticated giving tool that allows you to make charitable gifts and earn income tax deductions when it makes sense for investment and tax planning purposes. The donor can then select an appropriate charity and recommend grants be made to that charity. These charitable grants can be made immediately, or charitable gifts made to the Donor-Advised Account can be accumulated over time with charitable grants made in the future.

Advantages of Donor-Advised Accounts

Advantages of Donor Advised Accounts include: Low Contribution Minimum, Easy Set-up Cost, Tax Benefits, Recipient for Grants, Legacy of Philanthropy, Anonymously Giving, Parenting Tool, Distribution Flexibility, and Cost Effectiveness.

Endowment Funds: Perpetual Grantmaking for Generations

An Endowment Fund at the Johnson Charitable Gift Fund will result in a perpetual stream of annual charitable grants, typically presented in the name of the endowment fund to honor the donor or family for multiple generations. Endowment Funds are typically invested for long-term growth, with part of the annual investment return distributed as charitable grants, and part of the return retained in the Fund so future distributions may increase with long-term inflation.

Advantages of an Endowment Fund:

  • Perpetual support for a favored purpose or charity
  • Flexibility to support specific charities or broader purposes
  • Perpetual recognition of the donor or family

The Johnson Charitable Gift Fund is sponsored by Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc. If you have questions or want to learn more about our Donor-Advised Accounts or Endowment Funds, please contact one of our expert team members for more information.

For more information about the Johnson Charitable Gift Fund, please call Mindy Garvey at 513.389.2767, or contact your Portfolio Manager.